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Why I Did It

My husband has convinced himself that the reason I got the Annulment was because I was tired of being married.   That is not true.

I loved my husband and took my marriage vows seriously.

I will admit I went through a confusing phase because D. Is so different from my first husband,  but we passed that and I started going to counseling.  We even discussed Couples Counseling.   Then D. started Marijuana so that option was gone. 

I told him I would not go to counseling with him unless he stopped using and he made his choice.   What is really sad is; he is not only using now but has also added alcoholic beverages to the mix. 

This is not the man I met in the Church Singles Group and fell in love with.

I pray every day for him to clean up, but that is between him and God,  as is the future of us apart or together.

The man I love has chosen a different path which is detrimental to us and possibly him, personally.

I am not happy about my decision but, I believe it is best for both of us.   I am also hurt that I had to go there.

2 thoughts on “Why I Did It”

  1. You’ve been divorced, so you already know that the beginnings of a separation are hell, but then you eventually feel better. Millions of women (and men) have gone through what you’re experiencing. Hang in there. Wishing you well and sending love your way.


  2. I’m sorry. I do know from personal experience how difficult it is to accept that the man you love is just wearing a mask. I still struggle and ask myself all the if only questions. What I am learning is being emotionally healthy is the best protection I have from falling for a narcissist again. Being single is a gift. I didn’t see it that way at first. I’d been married 30 years but now I can see I was trapped in a relationship with a man who wore multiple masks. He would be whoever you wanted him to be. He hasn’t changed one iota. I used to wonder if he’d cross the street when we were married to help me and our daughters in an emergency. I have my answer and it is a resounding no. Spend your energy on yourself.


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