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Marijuana Thoughts

When I was in my 20’s and used to party.  I would drink,  get silly,  vomit and go to sleep.   I always remembered what happened the night before.   I have only tried drugs a few times and it was the same drug.

   When I tried Marijuana the first time,  nothing happened and I was told it was a bad batch.   Recently,  when I tried again for Migraines (which is what spiral ed out of control and into our downfall in marriage) it not only made my headaches worse, but made me feel silly,  scared and sick.  The smell itself is sickening and with my low immune system,  I should not only not be doing it, I also,  should not have it around me.

1 thought on “Marijuana Thoughts”

  1. God do I hate the smell. And it gives me headaches also. Buy if I can get true medical grade everything is wonderful, Btw, thanks for reading my blog!! Much appreciated 😂😂


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