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Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes

Someone commented recently that since I have already been Divorced,  I know the pain will subside.  However,  all separations/break ups are different.

   My Ex was the one who

dumped me after 12 years.   He was very selfish in most respects.  Being dumped after 12 years by someone who you thought loved you is terrible.

But, , now I am on the other side where I never expected to be.  I deal with a lot of pain,  anger and guilt.   In a way,  I feel as if I were pushed into the Annulment.   I could have filed Legal Separation,  but,  I am not so sure that would have made much difference.
This 2nd marriage was supposed to be my last.  Husband and Wife Married for Life.   It kills me having to reject him and to watch him spiral down.   But,  I tried until there was no point anymore.

So, now I pray for us both;  apart and together. .In friendship and love.

I guess the main reason for this post is;
You have never walked in my shoes.

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