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Acceptance and Favor

Last night,  D. and I had another long talk.   I think he finally realizes the reason I am doing this.   I think he is scared of this transition and losing us forever.   I explained that it may not be forever;  we don’t know.   This can be looked at as a do – over.  We cannot predict the future.

In other news,  a long time ago,  I used to make boxes and send them to survivors of tragedies such as Earthquakes, Flooding,  etc.  Before 9/11 : could put ‘Hurricane Victims,  Seattle,  WS..11111’ (or whatever) on the package and they would reach someone.   After 9/11, I needed a specific name and address to send the packages out.  I still do boxes; but,  not as much.  

For anyone that follows this,  please let me know where I can send a few boxes to those who lost everything in the last few tragic events.  I would really appreciate it. Thanks

2 thoughts on “Acceptance and Favor”

  1. I am not sure where you are in the world but there was massive flooding in Louisiana. Thousands of people lost their homes. There was a huge earthquake in Italy, They could use some help as well.


  2. Thanks. I know and those were the people I was looking to help. Luckily, I have a friend from Louisiana who hooked me up with two people that need help after losing everything.


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