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The Man I Love & Puppy News

It will be another week before he leaves and I have decided I am done arguing.   If he doesn’t make time to help me; I will have to accept it for what he is now.

Do I still love him?  I love the man I met at church,  the man I enjoyed spending time with and waiting on and making love to.  This man is not that man.  This man has more of a temper, is more selfish and smells so strongly of alcohol or Marijuana that I don’t want to be near him.

He has decided he will focus on his art for the next year.  

I am also giving him the puppy.   Bruno is adorable but he chases and bites at the cats.  He had his mouth around Tara ‘ s neck which is not acceptable.   I don’t have time for training,  at present.   Maybe later,  I will save a dog who has already been around cats.

1 thought on “The Man I Love & Puppy News”

  1. The man you see now is who he truly is. The man from church was a façade, a fake, a phony. It hurts deeply to realize the truth, but as Ike moves you away, your head will clear and you’ll understand leaving was for the best. Good luck.

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