Bills, Changes, Continuing, Husband, True Life

D. , Bruno and $$$

When D. Is not stoned or stinking,  he can be fun to hang with.   We went out to lunch and then took Bruno to the dog park.   Bruno loved it and is worn out!

Last night,  D. slept to late and missed work.   When he called in, they said he was suspended.   He is going to go in tonight anyway to see if his boss is there and speak with him.  They have some strict attendance policies  at the casinos,  and I go to sleep early now and don’t always yell to Wake up at 11.  He will need to take care of himself and hopefully keep his job.
I am at the point of living paycheck or disability check to disability check.   I wish I could get a job from home that pays under the table,  but I don’t think even Tupper ware does that.

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