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Complaint Update

Life can be extremely difficult sometimes. .explaining how you feel,  trying for tough love, wanting someone you love to leave because they have changed to someone you don’t know and can’t communicate with anymore.

  We cannot talk civilly when he is on Drugs;  which is most all the time now.  His friend is lying to hum about dates and times of the apartment being available and he doesn’t see it or care.
I am giving him my puppy before it kills one of the cats.  I believe Bruno to be a possible Hunting Breed and it’s seriously not working. 

My financial situation is bleak and I have Migraine Headaches for 5 straight days
  Medication is expensive and I don’t know if I can afford it.

2 thoughts on “Complaint Update”

  1. Call a local women’s shelter and ask about health care. My daughter suffers from severe migraines and is now on medicine but some things that help: 800mg of Advil the second she feels a headache might be coming. Can’t wait until you have one. Ice packs. Sleep, caffeine and ginger beer (it’s non-alcoholic) for the nausea. I will keep you in my prayers. Getting untangled from the web of a narcissist is hard. It took me 30 years to leave and I’m still suffering.


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