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Continuing On

Have you ever written an entire post and had it disappear instead of posting?   ANNOYING!

D. has moved the big stuff to his new place.   However,  since his friends could only make one trip; he is coming every day and picking up boxes from garage.   It seems endless.   I swear,  the man is a Hoarder

I gave D.  The puppy.  It kept attacking the cats and I was afraid Tara was going to get seriously hurt.

I have to meet with the Divorce place,  tomorrow.   I guess I may need a Hearing for the Annulment.   Please pray this ends soon.

Starting to get this house ready to sell. I have black, nat flies invading the bathroom and I may have Honey – Bee’s invading the attic.   I hate to exterminate them and am trying to find someone to relocate them, inexpensively.

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