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Sad Financial Situation

The last time I was in a financial situation like I am now;  was when I was in my 20’s and supporting a drug – addict boyfriend. 
      I should be a lot further along now,  even if I am on Disability.   But,  things just keep coming.

My car is in the shop again and it still goes back to the shop that messed it up.  I will definitely be filing a Lawsuit when it’s fixed. 

I really wanted to visit family for Thanksgiving,  but,  can’t afford it. 

Totally looking forward to selling my house, for a Townhouse, cheaper then this place so I will be able to rebuild my bank account and pay bills.

1 thought on “Sad Financial Situation”

  1. Same here. My ex made at least twice as much as me. Its been 2.5 years since he left. I really thought I could manage but my legal fees really hurt me financially. Living with someone is the only way I can manage things for now. Plus this house is a constant reminder of him. Time to make the move! Best of luck to you with your move.


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