Annulment, Feelings, Husband, Marriage, Questions, True Life

It’s Over

I write this through tears because the Annulment was granted and my marriage is over.   Maybe I should be happy but, it really hurts.   I loved my husband but the drugs won out and so did the alcohol he added to it.   He could have gotten help, he cleaned up before,  but he gave up saying he wasn’t addicted…and he is.

I just want to cry for a bit or maybe throw up, but I will get through this.

I sold the house and they want it to close on the 15th of January.   After the inspection and my next check,  I can look at more places.

Crazy is here again until the 11th.   She went to court with me for support,  plus we will be celebrating my Birthday together.   I went to her church (Mormon Temple) for a Christmas Party and we have another party to attend on the 10th.

That’s it for this update.  Hope everyone is well.

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