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Condo For Christmas

The house is sold and I bought a condo!   It’s more like a Townhouse.  It’s two story with 1 1/2 bath.   It was built in the 80’s so the layout is interesting.   It is about 10 minutes away from my best friend and a lot closer to the Strip.
The HOA is totally reasonable especially when my Ex Husband from CA offered to pay the HOA for as long as I need.   Obviously,  if I get remarried or win the Lottery,  he can stop.

My Annulment is completely finished and D and I are done.   It is quite sad because I know we both still love each other;  but I don’t want to deal with him unless he cleans up.   I know if he really loves me, he can get help.  If not,  I will be happy on my own.

Sorry,  it’s been so long to update,  but, as you can tell. .been quite busy.   Will try to update more often after I get moved.


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