Changes, Continuing, Feelings, Love, True Life

Welcome 2017!

Happy New Year.

I enter 2017 with the theme song, 
Try It On My Own by Whitney Houston.

I am doing my best to keep positive while moving forward but it is difficult.

I still love D. and pray continually for him to get help.   We cannot communicate because he continually wants to feel sorry for himself and tell me how hurt I made him. That doesn’t help or change anything.

I need to be moved out,  tomorrow and will be staying with Crazy for a few days.   I am really not looking forward to it and will probably check the price of the weekly motel near her while there.  Right now,  everywhere is full due to New Years.  

The first two places I liked fell through so I am now waiting…since I pretty much know where I want.

I wish you all a great year!

I do not make Resolutions but, I would love to hear of any you made.

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