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Still Visiting

It’s been almost a month and the cats and t are still with Crazy.

I will be doing the Final walkthrough on the current place, tomorrow and hopefully closing on Tues or Wednesday.

This house search has really been an adventure.  The first place had severe water damage, the 2nd one played games with the HOA fee and has really bad management issues not making me aware until Final Signing and there were a few in between that got swept up before we could make an offer.  I am seriously hoping/praying this place goes through.  It’s hard when you feel homeless and in limbo.

It has definitely been a learning experience while here. Crazy is my best friend and i knew she had a lot of stuff but not that she is in the Hoarder category.  I knew she doesn’t watch television but not that she has onne and doesn’t know if it even works or where the remote is, I knew she gets roaches but not how extremely bad the situation is and that they are everywhere even running down the walls and in the cabinets, I also knew that she likes to rest most days but was unawakened it means sleeping all day except when I can get her to join me in going places and doing things.

Needless to say, the cats and I are ready to move on and call the next place, home.

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