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Preparing To Move

Everything has been purchased.. Condo, Furniture, Flooring.  Now beguns the waiting period for the work to be done.  Am I excited?  Yes!

The cats and I need to get away from Crazy”s apartment.  To much clutter, hardly room for cats to play, and to many bugs

I refuse to use her coffee pot and rarely use her dishes. Her Ex has been selling stuff at the Swap Meet and she finally decided to get rid of some stuff too and try to sell it.  In the last month since I have been here, she has gotten rid of 3 bags of clothes, a pink trash can, two boxes of expired food and a salt shaker one of the cats broke. Of course, she has been buying more too and getting stuff from her Ex (which was previously hers) but, anything she can get rid of, will help.

I have watched Hoarders on tv and have had another friend who was one.  It’s very interesting to see and experience in real life.



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