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More Headaches

I did something I shouldn’t have and wrote a text to my Ex-Mother-In-Law telling her I have moved closer and asking her opinion on if D will ever change back to the man I met and loved.  I didn’t want her to be to surprised when/if she see’s me at the same places she hangs out.

I wish I could write to D, but I can’t.  As long as he continues to smoke and drink, I am not giving him false hope.

We are moving out of Crazy’s house this weekend.  I am, the cats are moving, after everything gets in.  The flooring is being put in now.  It is a beautiful place and once again, a place to call my own.

I am both excited and nervous which is probably why my headaches have been increasing again.

In the meantime, I enjoy watching people move in and out of the apartments here, as well as, how they spend their daily lives.

Maybe, I will go back to school and study sociology. Lol

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