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It’s  2:40 a.m and I am awake and eating candy.  That’s because I have been falling asleep around 7 or 8 at latest while here.

Tonight will be my last night at Crazy’s as,Monday, the last of my furniture will be delivered and we will sneak in the cats.  I guess I am allowed two and there is one nosy neighbor below me who used to be on the board so I will have to keep her out!

I have been keeping up with D. on Instagram and as much as I love him, he looks really sick.  He is losing way to much weight and saying things as if he likes life in the Hood again.  I don’t want to admit it was the right decision.  He made me do what I had to because he prefers to be an Addict.  I will continue to pray for him, forever as I move a head.  I may start seeing a Therapist as well, for this.

I think I may be getting sick which wouldn’t surprise me.  Finding a home has been stressful as has, staying here.  I really do appreciate Crazy’s help, though.  Although it didn’t actually save me money.  But, it did keep my little family together and the cats love their Aunt.

Okay, now it’s almost 3 so I am going back to sleep for a few.

Happy Sunday



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