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Left Hand Post

I am actually going to talk/ type this one because I can only use my left hand.

While at Lowe’s last Sunday with my handyman, we were looking at a toilet on a platform, the toilet had all the bells and whistles and it only took about half the platform. So, as I turned to walk away, I tripped over the edge of the platform and landed on hands and knees on the cement in the store. Luckily, my handyman and friend is really smart and had the store call the ambulance.

The store manager actually offered to sell the toilet to me with free shipping. This was an $800 toilet! If he didn’t want to pay my medical, he should have offered me a free toilet and shipping.

Anyway I spent almost the whole day in the emergency room and my right wrist / hand is really bruised like I can hardly move it plus, my right knee is super bruised and I am just today starting to be able to walk on it again. I will be seeing a hand specialist once I get a referral from my doctor and am waiting for the store to call me back to take care of my medical bills.

In the meantime, I am back at Crazies house and she is helping me out. As soon as I am able to walk, I want to move into my new condo.

A miracle did come out of this though, I finally had a phone conversation with my sister after 7 years of not speaking. She got concerned when she found out I fell and she sent me a text so I called her.

I shared the news on Instagram and all my ex-husband could say was “Bummer”. I don’t know how to feel about us anymore. I still feel really sad about the whole situation. He has embraced his old life again doing graffiti legally and illegally and drinking and smoking marijuana and I don’t know what else and I hate to see him like this. This was the man I wanted for my soulmate and I really thought God had put us together. I am not sure what lesson God is teaching either of us right now but D. had everything. A house, some animals, and a loving wife.

I just continue to pray that he cleans up before it is too late. Maybe it will be too late for us but, it’s never too late for him.

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