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Your Own Happiness

I have been reading a lot lately about making our own choices and choosing our reactions.  But, how can one avoid letting someone’s actions or inactions affect you in a marriage?

I made my husband get a job before we married and he got a night job which left me lonely, as he slept most every day.  The financial help was not really working and we got into more debt.  There was a time, I begged him to switch to a day job so we could be together more. Marriage should not equal loneliness.

I really wanted to save him, save us, as a couple!  But, it wasn’t meant to be.  He made a choice to enter his old world again, losing us in the process

I can choose to to be/act happy. But, inside my heart I am in a world of hurt and pain.

For, What was, What is, and What will never be again.

*Please forgive spelling errors, typed with left hand.


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