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A New Week

This weekend was rough since I’ve been in a lot of pain. I am so thankful to my friend, Crazy, for staying with me and helping me out. She has to go back to her house with her dogs soon but, she is going to be coming over everyday to continue helping me out. She is also driving me to my dr.appointments, etc.

It’s funny to think that this was the girl when I first met her that I helped out, yet, she drove me crazy and I felt like I had been used,, so our friendship shattered a little bit, but now here we are almost like sisters. Guess you never know. Just so thankful to have a friend like her.

So something weird happened on Saturday. The guy came in to fix the floor because my handyman had discovered some spots that needed fixing. Well Crazy was with her ex-husband at the Swap Meet and Handy, my handyman, was at the store when the guy showed up. We’ll just call him Touch because unfortunately, that’s what he did. First he asked me ” Where’s your friend/  sister?”  I explained that she is my best friend and doesn’t live here but would be back to help me out. Anyway later on ( I may have the time frame wrong it may have happened before he asked)  I was walking down the hall and he walked past me and took his hand and rubbed it from  under my breast to my waistline. I was in shock and not sure how to react.

I did not get any sleep the whole night. It really made me feel uncomfortable. After talking to Crazy and Handy the next morning, I called the company and reported it to his supervisor. They said they would look into it and they did Apologize.  I have never had that happen before and would not want it to happen to anyone else.

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