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What’s Goin On

Something’s going on with my ex and nobody is telling me which is very annoying. All I know  somebody slipped to my friend because he thought she knew already and when she asked how D  is doing, he said he’ll be back soon. So where is he? I pray he is okay.

It’s hard when you still love somebody and it’s doubly hard when they keep you in the dark.  I can only think of horrible scenarios that could have happened and I really pray that none of those did. Although if they did maybe he’ll get clean? But I doubt it.

Okay, onto something else, apparently I have sprained excuse me I haven’t sprained, I have fractured my wrist and  my knee. Happy joy joy. No wonder I’m in so much pain.

I sure hope I can heal by May. I have a trip planner and I really want to go.


*D. has been arrested once again for graffiti and should be out, next week. I pray his mom, or someone, has the dog

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