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Crazy Is Lazy

Crazy is self-proclaimed lazy and the wrong one to be helping me organize the house. You know, I stayed at her house and I told you that she is a hoarder. She doesn’t even clean her own house so I don’t know why I possibly thought that she would help me organize mine. She does hardly anything.

I have just spent the last half-hour (yes on my foot which I shouldn’t do) trying to get this bedroom organized.

Tomorrow, my handyman is supposed to come over and help paint along with other things but he’s not going to be able to if he can’t get in or get organized. I don’t expect him to do everything.

This is really tough. I can’t tell her I don’t need her anymore because I do. She actually does help when it comes to loosening caps on drinks and maybe getting me stuff and bowls because bowls are still really heavy sometime  like carry with one hand especially not my main hand but when it comes to organized it ain’t Happenin.

So, we’ll see how it goes when I wake up but right now my hand is killing me my knee is killing me and I just took a hydrocodone and so I can get some sleep hope you all have a good one bye

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