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I am going to see a new Hand Doctor today. The last one I saw was horrible. He had no bedside manner, no sense of humor and. no personality at all.  He gave me Prednisone and when my hand blew up 3 times the size of my normal hand he only said “well that doesn’t usually happen so fast, just elevate it  and get some rest.” I was in so much pain there was no way. So, I call Lyft and went to the emergency room.  I was there for 5 hours. But they finally got the pain to lessen. Needless to say I am not going back to him.  Wish me luck with this  new one

My knee is healing well and I should be out of my brace by the 28th. This brace is a heavy pain to carry around but it is helping my knee stay in place.

I have started the process of slowly getting my house to where I want it. I love the views from here.

I went to the Social Security Office and finally started the process of changing my name back to my maiden name. 

 I think I have put that off for a few reasons. I think I really wanted him to change and come back but that isn’t happening and I am going on. I don’t want to be attached to someone who is continually getting himself in legal trouble. The last day will be the DMV and I will be completely free. The other reason I haven’t done this for a while, is because I got hurt. It’s hard to get out do anything.

Finally, everyday I play my favorite song pretty much morning and night. 

 Kelly Clarkston, What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger..

 It’s my theme song for this year

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