Something Is Wrong

I try to listen to my body and something is seriously wrong. It’s really pretty scary actually.  I am having flu like symptoms where I’m not nauseated and dizzy and I don’t feel like eating it’s like been a horrible weekend. Then to top it off, tonight I am having a really hard time going to the restroom.

 This is really difficult thing to talk about but it’s like I haven’t had any fiber. I mean, I have abdominal pain and it like stuck up there really bad and it was like I didn’t think I was ever going to be able to get it out and as I’m pushing it was just intense,  so I stopped trying and I had my fiber pill and I drink almost a bottle of water thinking that the next time I go to the restroom I should not have a problem.  I went back to sleep for a while and it happened again and I mean terrible pain this is horrible I did go a little but apparently not enough and I’ve been eating vegetables so I’ve been getting fiber. This is like so freaky. The last time something like this happened with years ago and when I went to emergency all they said was take more fiber which I’m doing anyway or drink more water which I’m also doing anyway so anyway, I don’t know what I’m doing if I had an appointment for my hand and I just wrote telling them I will go to make this appointment do not want to because I need to get my hand doctor and asking about a postponement which hasn’t been yet but I’m sure I will. Anyway I’ma let you go because I’m still not going to try and get a little bit more sleep before my friend gets here at 8 it’s like 5 o’clock now. If you’re a Christian, please pray for me

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