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Bittersweet Ending

Spent all day Monday (after doctor) at Social Security Office and yesterday, at DMV changing everything back to my Maiden Name.  Today, I will continue with the bank, etc.

How do I feel?  Well, I held off as long as I could.  There is no point in going over how much I want him to get help. I want to cry since it is cleansing yet… I know God is with me and I did what I had to do.

Do I still love him?  Yes, at the moment but I don’t love his stupid choices or the fact he gave up our Marriage to play with drugs and illegal graffiti.  He was starting to take off with selling his artwork and I was proud of him!

What now?  I keep going forward.  I work on healing physicals and emotionally. I get closer to God.  I continue to pray for D and work on losing the obsession.  I am not looking for anyone. I get to know me, again.

Too Much, Too Little, Too Late

* The sickness was side effects from my meds.



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