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More Help 

Crazy has been extremely helpful.. driving me places, opening bottles, making food, feeding cats, etc.  But, things are not getting organized.  My handyman wants to start painting but there is still to much stuff, so I am seeking help from other sources. I have a few people who are helping me find someone trustworthy.  Crazy wasn’t overly happy when I told her I was getting extra help, but I put a positive spin on it to make her see the advantages for both of us.

In other news, after my Divorce.. my car conked out and I had to get a new one and start over. I am not going to let that happen this time. My beautiful car is a 2013 Smart car. I have spent a lot of money on this car due to many issues since I have had it. The latest is that it has been smelling like gas really strong, so I took it to the dealer today and I am going to get it fixed. I put enough money into this car that I could have bought myself a new one, but, I love my little car and I don’t want a new one. Plus, I don’t really have money for a new one at the moment so, if I can get this fixed, it will be like having a brand new car. I’ve named her ‘Smidgen’.

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