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I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since I have seen / talked to my ex-husband. I can’t believe it got so far that I seriously changed my name back to my maiden name and all I have to do is go to the bank to complete it. I went to the bank today, but the power went out so I will have to complete it on Monday. This is not the way I wanted my life to be. This is not the way I wanted my marriage to end. I held off on doing this for so long in hopes that he loved me enough stop doing the things he was doing but to no avail.

 I know I need to see a counselor or a therapist over my emotions. But, I haven’t decided if I should actually see someone or try over the phone. Has anyone tried phone therapy? I feel as if I will continue to pretend happiness for a long time. 

In other news, my friend came over to spend his birthday here in Vegas. He took Crazy and I to the Terry Fator show. I’d seen that once before and, although it is a good show, I am really not interested in singing puppets. Unless of course you’re talking about like The Muppet Movie, but this is not a movie; this is supposed to be a comedy act. Honestly, I didn’t like it.. especially this time. I think he dealt with some crude topics and he had children in the front row. My favorite comedian, excuse me, Ventriloquist is Jeff Dunham. He knows how to do it right.

 Anyway the second night that let’s just call him Alf was here, we went karaokying and it was like really crowded so Alf and I only got one song each in. But it was fun because I haven’t karaokyed in a long time.

 My leg brace was taken off and I have been going to therapy for my hand/wrist for the last three times.  This last time they added knee therapy, so although it takes longer again for therapy; I am healing up pretty quickly.

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