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Hearing News About D.

One of my friends is a friend of one of D’s friends. We got into a discussion today about a Facebook comment that’s going around and it says ‘Would You Marry the one you last kissed and Would you be happy?’ Well, I responded to that ;that I did and I was until everything went haywire. 

So, we got in this discussion about D. And I made the comment that I don’t think he is screwing around or in another relationship because he had told me he wasn’t going to do that. Well, she exclaimed, “What? He is having Flings with lots of different women!”. 

Apparently, she was informed that he is not doing well. He is all doped out all the time and is having Flings with a lot of different women. She has known this for a while, but didn’t tell me until today when the subject was brought up. So she said she is moving on and I needs to the same. 

 I know I need to do the same but this is the man I love that I am talking about and this is totally freaking hard. I mean, I guess I should be happy that he’s happy and he’s moved on, but I don’t believe he is really happy.  He didn’t want to have a bunch of Flings with other women. And I don’t know how he could be happy after taking a huge and I mean huge step backwards into the drug scene.  I can only imagine him losing his apartment and living with the dog in one of his tunnels he lived in before.  

I desperately need to see a Therapist.  Tomorrow, I am going to call and schedule an appointment.. hopefully for next week. 

 When my friend told me this earlier today, I felt my heart rip!

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