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Migraine Medication

Today I want to talk about you at Imatrex;  the medication I take for my migraines.

 This medication really works. Sometimes it takes a little bit, but it does work. Oh my gosh,I just took my last one (which means of course now I’m going to have to pray that I can get a refill) but, this is the first one I think I have gotten this month.

 I give myself an injection of Imitrex in my thigh or upper leg. I have my friend put it together ahead of time so I don’t have to call her to come over. I can start doing it soon but my hand is still really, really sore.

 Anyway, when I give myself an injection of Imitrex, I can feel the hot liquid hitting every pain point. I mean every one; if you have a sunburn but you forgot about, this medication is going to hit it and it is going to burn. So, you can feel the medication working and after it goes all the way  through your bloodstream and hits all your pain points, of course including your brain, then you need to sleep it off for about 3 hours. When you wake up  either the headache is gone or at least it’s bearable to where you can take some Tylenol. 

I just ordered something else for migraines called Migraine Stop. Apparently, this has a mixture of Magnesium, Zinc, etc.  It is all natural, which is supposed to stop the migraines or at least cut down the duration. It has really good reviews, so I’m going to try it.

 Just wanted to to check in and share my migraine medication.

2 thoughts on “Migraine Medication”

  1. I’m a nurse and I don’t think I could give my own shot. I mean I could probably but it would hurt more likely. But i wanted to say…have you tried the meltable triptans that disolve on your tongue? The do work very fast. And no burning. Eek. Already enough pain. Just a thought. You might have tried this before and it’s terribly annoying when people offer advice when you know your migraines. 🙂


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