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Sorry To Make You Wait

Okay, It’s been a bit. But, in my defense, I have been sick.  I am proud that I fought it out without antibiotics this time.  

I did have a situation though.  How many friends from your town where you live are on Facebook?  Would they be there for you during an emergency?  I, inadvertently put that to a test.  I had a horrible Migraine and needed my injection picked up ASAP.  Crazy had my car and she had recently taken meds that make her sleep.  I called a few people and posted it on Facebook.  Half an hour later, Crazy came through even though she wasn’t supposed to be driving, then.

I tactfully expressed my feelings on Facebook and got lectured by someone in another state and accused of whining.  The people that responded don’t even live here in Nevada or near me!

Aside from that, I have started Talkspace and met my Therapist via video last night.  It should prove to be a very interesting experience.

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