Annulment, Continuing, Feelings, Marriage, True Life

checking Him Out

I have come to the realization that if I become interested in a man again, I will need to do a background check before getting serious.  I have serious trust issues now.

I have been talking to my Therapist on Talkspace and it is going well.  I realize that neither of my failed marriages were my fault.  I cannot or could not help my health issues which my 1st husband knew about. Truth is, he wanted to fool around and wasn’t happy being married.  As for my 2nf marriage/Annulment. We got married on a lie or at least an omission.  By not telling me his history, D. opened the door to go back to his old life and for me to react the way I did.  I have nothing to be guilty for in either ending.

It’s difficult. Being alone, at my age. Crazy and I keep watching reruns of The Golden Girls.

When it comes to sex, although I miss the amazing sex I had with D.; I’ve got it covered.  I invested in a Toy with 7 speeds. Not the same, but satisfactory, and I don’t have to worry about diseases.


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