Advice, Continuing, Drama, Friends, Observations, True Life

Unwanted Advice

Crazy’s ex-husband is in town emptying his apartment. He is treating her like crap again and she is allowing it.  She came over today, complaining but she won’t put a stop to it. She won’t stand up for herself.  I try to give her my opinion but, it is not wanted.

  It makes me wonder who I am to give advice when I had to go to such extremes to get D. to leave?  Just because I finally stood up for myself does not mean everyone can or desires to. 

 It just hurts to see Crazy allowing this treatment and what’s worse is he is going to be coming back again to get the rest of his stuff out of her house.

In other news, I am always exhausted after my 2nd day of therapy.  My hand is still very sore and I am working hard on straightening my fingers.  I am looking forward to getting over this so I can start writing once again.  My knee is still also a bit swollen, but, getting bettet.

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