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Awake With Headache

It’s 1:30 a.m and I am awake.  Sometimes I wonder if I wake up  or even go to sleep with a headache just because I have my meds refilled now. Like, it’s subconscious or something.  Anyway, I am trying to avoid the strong stuff now and took Tylenol Extra Strength this time.

A few days ago, getting a refill of my Imatrex was hell.  I am between doctors and the doctor I am seeing refused to refill it.  I went to Urgent Care who wouldn’t help me, then finally went to emergency where I got help.  I had to call Crazy at 3 am to come over to help.

Anyway, now that my name is officially changed, I am going to choose a new doctor.

I have a few more topics to discuss since it’s been a busy week, but, need more sleep first. So, stay tuned.


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