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Mental Mothers Day

So, there I was standing in church listening to the music; watching a couple with their arms around each othet sneaking a kiss..and thinking of D.  The last time I was in a church at Mother’s Day, we were together with his mother. 

 People cry at our church because the service gets emotional. Noone knew if my tears were from the singing, the memories of my mothet, or something else.

Upon leaving church, we ran into an acquaintance from our old church.  I tell him what happened with D. and I.  He asks, “Oh, Is he doing Meth again?”. My heart dropped.  I learn D. has been addicted to Meth and other things.Why does it not make it easier to let my memories go and move on?

There was an Alter Call for Mother’s at church so Crazy and I joined. It was a bit uncomfortable for a minute but, I am not going to be excluded from celabraons of Mother’s just because my children aren’t  human.  I still feed,clean,play with and diclipline my fur children and it is not my fault I am unable to have human ones.

I hope you all had a Happy Mother’s Day!

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