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 Guinea Pig For A Week

This was a difficult and amazing week.

Crazy and I went to NIH (National Institute of Health) in Bethesda, Maryland.  I am the oldest one with Propionic Acidemia they know of, at age 52, and I volunteered for research.  From Tuesday through Friday, they kept us going back and forth to medical appointments and some of the tests were a bit freaky.  I did learn that they have discovered two strains of PA and both parents carried a different strain.  We stayed at Safra Family Lodge which was really nice after changing the first room.  The first floor was overrun with ants.  We saw 3 White Tipped Deer, a bunny, and a couple squirrels while there including a black one.

I got to meet people with PA and a Sister Disease; which was cool.   Then, we met up with an old friend on Saturday whom I haven’t seen in over 7 years and got to meet my Godson.  I held him in my arms when he was a baby but can’t do that, anymore.

We toured Washington DC and walked around the White House, Federal Building, etc.  Couldn’t get close to the Monument because of Protesters.

They may want me back again for more research and I told them, Great!  If they want to pay, no problem.

Crazy, Me and Rose (it’s a good nickname for her).

Remember with friends:

Make New Friends

But Keep The Old

One Is Silver

And The Other Is Gold

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