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Early Morning Thoughts

It’s 2:15 a.m and I can’t sleep.  My ankle hurts and my thoughts are racing.  

I saw the therapist who worked on my ankle today and now it hurts worse, plus, I have no strong meds to take for it. 

 My spending has been horrible and I cannot spend much more but, I need my car registration renewed with smog today! 

 I am annoyed at my sister for being contradictory.  I mentioned that D. and I were going to communicate as friends and she flipped out, negatively.  Then, when I mentioned that I am going to teach at church, go to school and maybe join a Meet Up group with Crazy, she goes, “I hope you aren’t putting to much on your plate.”. I know she cares, but it’s contradictory comments like that, that really mess me up.  

Crazy is here tonight and is probably going to stay on weekend’s.  She seems to sleep better when not alone.  I seriously wish I had money for a house with a guest house.  That would be the perfect situation for us both.

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