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Future Move, etc

I can’t get in to see my Primary until the 10th.  In the meantime, I am trying to stay off my foot and Crazy is helping me.  I still have a lot of pain but, have started cutting down on the Oxycodone, a bit.

When I went to emergency the other night, I was in so much pain I was hyperventilating and they let me do that for way to long.  I now know which hospital to steer clear of.

I have started a free class through Future Learn on teaching children English.  I like the way it is done and I completed the first weeks class in two days.

In other nrws, even though I have just moved in, I am going to keep my eyes and ears open for a house with a Casita or Mother-In-Law suite.  Crazy ad I are together constantly and it will save us both money, in the long run.  She has two dogs and I have four cats so I don’t want to share a house, necessarily, but if we could find her a place that connects or two steps away, it would be perfect.  I just need to try to save some money and once again, clean my credit.

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