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Addiction Experience & Thank You

WordPress People,

You are my therapy and since I know no one personally, you observe my side of things from another perspective.

Let’s talk about addiction.  Can an Addict really change?  Without professional help?  Do you believe someone can just decide to no longer smoke weed, meth, drink beer, whatever, and never go back to it? Without professional help?

I am better then I was and deserve to be treated right!  Do I really want to stay in love or get re- involved with an Addict?  That book should be over and I should never have reopened it.

If anyone can share their experiences, please do.  I am back to focusing on myself and my education for a bit.

Thank you for reading and following this blog.  And thank you for helping me in life’s big decisions.

2 thoughts on “Addiction Experience & Thank You”

  1. After a while knowing that drugs and alcohol were getting the best of me, relationships, jobs and just about every facet of life, I decided to quit everything. It was all or nothing for me. I poured all the alcohol down the sink and flushed the weed and pills down the toilet. I walked away from these things and never looked back. There was a cost for doing this. I lost a number of friends and some family members no longer hung out with me. I had to separate myself from most of my friends because they were trying to pull me back into the life I no longer wanted. It got pretty lonely for a while after that.


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