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Different Stuff

Had another bad night and this time, had a horrible Migraine.  Had to take an Imatrex and now my foot hurts worse then ever.

Crazy and I went grocery shopping and it is amazing what ny Smart can hold!

I quit Talkspace because I need to save money plus, I am okay. 

Haven’t talked to D in over a week and don’t plan to.  I could say,think,believe I’ll love him til the day I die, but, he will always be an Addict!  That is definitely Not what I want or deserve.  The whole dream shattered when drugs came into the picture. And you know what?  I am okay, again. Finally! The man I loved and married was not the same man. We had some really good times.  I am thankful for that.  I am not getting in touch with this one, anymore. I am going to surround myself with positive people away from the evil, drug and drinking lifestyle.

Tomorrow, I am seeing an Orthopedic Surgeon for my foot and I can’t wait!  This foot is killing me and it”s really a bitch to go anywhere.

Okay, got 1 1/2 hours left. May try to sleep again.



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