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More Stuff

Saw the Orthopedic yesterday and I am now in a cast.  It is Purple!  They don’t use plaster-of-paris anymore; now they use Fiberglass.  I was pretty excited that they have color choices, now.  The doctor said it is a straight break so he won’t need to reset it; but to stay off it until my next appointment and then I can try to walk.

I had the cat shelves put up and they look really cool.  Plus, the cats love them.  They haven’t tried the bridge yet, though.  Everything takes time.

My sleep schedule has been totally messed up, lately.  I think I might know why and need to make some dietary adjustments.

Lastly, Not meaning to brag but, I Can’t Believe My Blog Is 4 Years Old!  That is a super cool, WordPress Anniversary!

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