Yesterday & Advice

Yesterday, the handyman came to finish the house.  I have been using him for years and he does a great job, although, a bit flaky.  Well, he left for a while and let his brother and sister-in-law do the work.  I have had them help before…Let’s just say, it was a bad experience.  They showed up around noon and were here til 10:30 painting and yakking with each other and on their cell phones.  Needless to say, my handyman has to come back and double check and fix their mistakes tonight after he works.

On another topic, I can’t help but wonder how D really feels about my move.  I know I shouldn’t care and I refuse to make contact. He put “like” on my friends Facebook page, but I know him.  I remember the last time I moved, he said he was afraid I would up and move to AZ without telling him; so I made sure Crazy posted it on Facebook this time.  I know he will be alone now, but, it’s time he becomes the man he is meant to be. I will continue to pray he gets back on the right track.  I am becoming free of him and his crap, by moving away.

I HATE Ants!  This house is infested.  I hope they aren’t getting into my moving boxes. I am looking for natural ways to tackle this.


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