Leaving Las Vegas

The move date is set for September 15th or sooner.

I need to be out of here by or before the 8th and will be moving in with Crazy for a few.  It’s going to be interesting because we will have the cats in the bedroom and the dogs in the Living Room. But, it will only be a week, so we will survive.

I don’t feel nervous anymore, but rather, a bit excited.  Also, a bit sad..everything considered.  I will always remember D. and will always pray for him and carry love in my heart.  I know some people can take years to change and some never do.  I wish him all the best.

I know I will miss Vegas, but, this move is good in many ways.

While in Vegas, I have owned a house, fallen in love, gotten married, had my marriage shattered and ended, found a church, was hurt by said church, left the church, found a 2nd, very, welcoming church, adopted cats, adopted a dog, gave up a previous cat (to her dad), gave up the dog ( to my last husband), inherited my last husbands two cats, had animals die, got (and still have) a Betta Fish, seen shows, stayed at hotels, made a BFF, etc. I am sure I could go on.

Las Vegas was my dad”s dream and I hope I’ve made him proud.

Do I really want to move away from here? No. But, this move isn’t about what I want. It’s about what God wants for me.

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