School & Moving

I am taking a free class on Future Learn on Teaching Children English as  2nd Language.  What’s funny is,there are even Teachers Pets on the site.  You can tell by their comments they are kissing up to the teacher and the teacher says “Great Comment” and quotes those people in some  of their upcoming lessons. 

The Buyer is coming to inspect the house today, even though it was purchased ‘as is’. He is an Investor.  Although, I know he will do what he wants, I just hope he doesn’t tear out my beautiful, expensive, floor.  I bought this floor thinking I would live here, forever. It’s to bad I can’t take it with me. Lol. 

Speaking of which, my sister is freaking out about all the stuff we are taking and how small the mobile homes are.

  I am going down from over a thousand square feet to 400. Crazy is losing about 90 square feet.  I am pretty much replacing the furniture in the home with my own.  There are some things I am keeping because.. who knows?  maybe I will move into a bigger place later on..I don’t know what God has planned.  

I guess in some ways, that is how a Hoarder thinks..or, maybe not.  I just know that is one reason to save things.  I have edited quite a bit, though.  I have almost half a closet full of things to take to Savers to donate.

I need to plug my BFF’s Blog again, since she just started.  It’s

She is totally new at this and needs readers.  Her therapist had to drop her due to insurance reasons, so she is going to use wordpress for therapy, as well as, for fun.

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