The Mall, and My BFF.

Crazy and I went to the mall today and it was awesome!

They had a sale at the Disney Store where she could buy one stuffed animal and get the 2nd for $2.00. These are good sized too so she got herself, Tigger and Pluto.  Stuffed Animals are one of het major collections.  I found some Vintage Beanie Babies of the Seven Dwarfs on Letgo.  I fell in love with them last week and the guy met me at the mall so I could purchase them.  They aren’t worth much and I wonder how ‘Vintage’ they really are, but, they are cute and will look good in my china hutch with my doll collection.

The main reason for going to the mall was to waste time while the Inspector came to check out the house for/with the buyer.  I was not overly thrilled to find he left the balcony door unlocked and the master bathroom door, open.  Toilet paper was unrolled all over the floor. The buyer doesn’t own the house yet, and it’s only decent to leave it how you found it, when you entered.

So, I have been teaching Crazy about the idea of keywords and categories in order to get more Followers.

She only has two now and one is herself, so technically it’s only me.  I remember my first few weeks of blogging and hardly having Followets.  It’s tough to break in . She has written a great post about her background. If you know anyone who needs to talk about depression, moving, her growing up, etc..please have them check out her blog.  www//

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