I Can Walk! LOL

Good Morning,

I am up. Pushing my chair and working on boxes.

I have started walking again although I get worn out easily with my cast and a cast shoe over it.  Plus, there is the fact that the cast is bulky and my foot won’t stay straight.  I push my chair or Walker so I can have a seat when I get tired.

Crazy and I were considering going to see Rick Springfield tonight because he is here Free!  However, I am not looking forward to the crowd and even the drive would be a pain what with pay parking.  I think I will focus more on packing and getting ready to leave here.

I am out of my antidepressants which always messes with my mind.  I have been having thoughts of D. and his family. What was and what is (and is not) now.

I am trying to avoid seeing my new Primary since he is brand new and I have to start all over with new doctors in AZ.

Lastly for today, I want to discuss this Daily Prompt thing.  I can’t do it.  I started to follow it and can’t find it, again.  I think I will find a writing prompt that will e-mail me different topics each day; and go from there.  Plus, what the heck is a Ping Back?

I can have my thoughts and write my blog.  I can even post pictures, but other than that. I am not technologically inclined.

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