Preparation & Sick

Crazy and I did a lot today and we are almost completely packed.  I need and have everything out by the 8th and as soon as I get the money; I pay off billa and wire transfer the house money before leaving for AZ on the 15th.

I finally got hold of an old neighbor/friend of mine and invited her to our GoodBye Gathering.  She is one I haven’t spoken to since the election and I thought she wasn’t speaking to me since we are on opposite sides.  She does go on and on; slamming who I voted for, but she said she hasn’t called because she lost my number when her phone died.

I hate getting sick, literally and physically.  Woke up with a horrible headache and just got sick to my stomach.  I don’t know if I was actually glutened at dinner, but, I probably need a headache pill for this headache.

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