1st Day Over

My first day in my new home, and I lose a cat.  She doesn’t come to eat and I get freaked a bit. After looking in all the closets and drawers I become frantic and call Crazy and  to come over. Turns out, Puma had gotten herself in and behind a drawer in the living room. Crazy and I could not get the drawer out. So as I’m walking around the house Crazy yells ” I’ve got her.” Crazy finally got the drawer out so the cat came out and I can feed her.

 Other than that, things are okay. The animals are stressed and they are peeing everywhere. I am really hoping that will stop soon. Especially since I am getting a bed or futon tomorrow.

 I got to meet my Great Nephew for the second time in my life today and he is 7 years old. 

I am getting together with my sister and brother-in-law tomorrow and going shopping. I also went with Crazy to check out one of the dog park here. 

This place is really cozy, at least the mobile home is. And the activities in the park actually start on Monday. I think I will like it here. 

It still feels a bit unreal that I am living here and not just on vacation.

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