Freaky Friday & True Life

Freaky Friday is my prompt today.  I think the original with Jody Foster has got to be one of the top movies. I love the concept and have written stories and imagined if I switched lives with friends.

I am stressing a bit about my health and money. Although… I have an appointment on Friday to get my hair done and woke up stressing that I can’t afford it. I was getting ready to cancel the appointment today.  But, I sold my bed and Glam is coming tonight with payment.  I think I still may have to, though. I am not sure when Escrow closes. This sucks, a bit.  

I am stressing  about health because the doctors at NIH think I should be tested for diabetes plus I can’t get a refill of my antidepressants and I am trying really hard not to see a doctor until after I move.

This last one is not stress, per se, but it is on my mind. Last night I shared a cute pic of Susy on Instagram mentioning the move. D. responded with a comment about me not saying Good-by. So, after talking with Crazy, I threw him the information of the gathering we are planning and told him he is welcome to show up.  Since then, he started texting again although, nothing heavy.

  I really don’t have a problem if he shows up (I say while trying to convince myself). Other people will be there to help keep my emotions in check But..I need to remember the reasons we separated.  I can’t get sucked in. It will be awkward.  I tried to end the text messages quickly, last night. 

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

I love mirrors.

Growing up, our dining room had a wall that was completely mirrored and when my sister lost her contact lense, we searched all over with flashlights in the blue carpet next to the mirror.  Turned out,the dog ate it, we believe.. but whatever.

Anyway, I put up a wall of mirrors in my last house and it was really cool and made the house look bigger. It also made my dog think there was another dog and bark at his own reflection..

I still have most of those mirrored tiles and am taking them to my new place.  I love the way mirrors change our perception, as well as, make us face reality.

I am still a bit annoyed and sad though; My favorite mirror was broken when being moved and the friend that broke it never apologized or offered to pay for a replacement.  I have found a replacement but, can’t get it yet, because it was a $200. mirror.

Guess who is Not helping me move. this time.

BFF Friendship Clarification

I will do The Daily Prompt later.  This one is on my mind.  Plus, it’s almost 2 a.m and I haven’t slept yet.

Okay, so Crazy and I are friends. BFF’s to be exact which means Best Friends Forever.  We are here for each other to help and support each othet.  I’ve hardly been able to walk since January so Crazy sleeps on the couch.  I am just starting to walk but  should not walk to far ‘alone’ yet.  I did not want to move to Arizona knowing how Crazy is with her emotions and mental health issues; so, we worked it out and will have our own places side by side.

Here’s the thing:

When did everyone in society start thinking that just because two girls hang out and are always seen together, they must be Lesbians?

Two people have asked me about Crazy and I.  

I am going to clarify this right now.  We are not Lesbians and never will be.

  The Golden Girls sharef a house, and Blanche was a slut.

Crazy and I are Best Friends. That is it.  Yeah, we are a lot like sisters. Heck, maybe some brothers or best friends will enter the picture and sweep us off our feet. You never know.

In the meantime, we have both survived some painful relationships and are starting another life chapter.

That’s it. I am climbing down from the soapbox now and going to sleep.

Til later

I Can Walk! LOL

Good Morning,

I am up. Pushing my chair and working on boxes.

I have started walking again although I get worn out easily with my cast and a cast shoe over it.  Plus, there is the fact that the cast is bulky and my foot won’t stay straight.  I push my chair or Walker so I can have a seat when I get tired.

Crazy and I were considering going to see Rick Springfield tonight because he is here Free!  However, I am not looking forward to the crowd and even the drive would be a pain what with pay parking.  I think I will focus more on packing and getting ready to leave here.

I am out of my antidepressants which always messes with my mind.  I have been having thoughts of D. and his family. What was and what is (and is not) now.

I am trying to avoid seeing my new Primary since he is brand new and I have to start all over with new doctors in AZ.

Lastly for today, I want to discuss this Daily Prompt thing.  I can’t do it.  I started to follow it and can’t find it, again.  I think I will find a writing prompt that will e-mail me different topics each day; and go from there.  Plus, what the heck is a Ping Back?

I can have my thoughts and write my blog.  I can even post pictures, but other than that. I am not technologically inclined.

Daily Prompt Integration

I may be posting two posts a day since I joined the Daily Prompt.  Ot, I can add it to my usual post.

Anyway, today’s prompt is the word, DELIVERY.

Moving immediately comes to mind and how I am going to get two places worth of stuff delivered to Arizona.  I have a friend that is going to help. But, I have to look into UHaul pricing and how much to keep the U-Haul for a few days or if it would be cheaper to pay a storage fee.  I can’t afford a Pod, plus, we have two places to fill it from.  

Pardon the italics, I don’t know wbat happened there.

Sold Before Showing & New Shoes

Once again, it happened with this condo. But, this time the Lockbox had been hooked up for maybe an hour.  

My realtor had two showings scheduled today and one for tomorrow.. But, my counter offer was accepted so the house is sold!  

Now I have to deal with the actual logistics of movimg, which is going to prove interesting.

Also, I saw my doctor today and I am walking!  My foot is healing well and the cast may be off in two weeks.  In the meantime, I am going to wear a shoe over the cast when I walk and will push the chair I use.  I am going to try to walk a little bit every day. I bought a matching shoe to make a pair to make things easier and look better.

  It’s just to bad the shoe isn’t purple like the cast.

A First

When I bought this condo, the lockbox wasn’t even on the door yet.  I had left my 3rd place I looked at, that fell through, and came to see this one.  There was someone already looking and another couple behind me when we came  out from viewing; so, I know it will sell soon….


They just took pictures yesterday and listed it, last night.  The pictures still need to be added to the listing site.

Imagine my excitement when my realtor told me this morning, I have a cash offer, sight unseen from an investor.

It’s the minimum I want, so I countered and we will see.

We may be out of here by next month!

I hope you enjoy joining me and Crazy on this exciting adventure.