About Trip

If you have never tried Air BNB, I highly suggest it. It’s an app where people post rooms and housing for rent instead of a hotel/motel.

I stayed with an amazing family.  My room was their Library so I could read to my hearts content. Anyway, I saw my cat and made friends with the girl who will be taking care of her, I also went to Knott’s Berry Farm, dinners and brunches and karaokying with friends. Surprisingly, I even slept solid every night which I haven’t done much since being alone.

On another note, do you ever feel like your life is a Carnival and you are not sure you want to go on a Roller Coaster a 2nd time?  Especially when you know parts of the track are faulty and they have only started to fix it.

I think I am there, right now.  I am not sure if I should leave the Carnival completely since it just reopened. I don’t know if it will ever reopen again or if I want it to.  I do know I need to wait and think seriously about riding this roller coasterIMG_20170615_194705.jpg again.

*This is Firepie and me.


D. and I are going to e-mail or text once in a while. 

 He claims the girl is not a girlfriend and says he quit weed.  He did not go to actual recovery though.  That bothers me because it’s to easy to relapse again and he has lied about quitting before.

I am feeling a bit better.  I am determined to become a better person and open my eyes to reality.

Stress = Sick

This morning I woke up with a score throat, cough and just feeling blah.

I think I know why.  Aside from the sudden weather change, I am depressed.

Saturday is the day two years ago that D and I got married.  The day the church called giving us the choice between really tough options, the night I cried in my husband’s arms because our wedding was taken away.

It was a sad beginning of a marriage with an even sadder ending

 Guinea Pig For A Week

This was a difficult and amazing week.

Crazy and I went to NIH (National Institute of Health) in Bethesda, Maryland.  I am the oldest one with Propionic Acidemia they know of, at age 52, and I volunteered for research.  From Tuesday through Friday, they kept us going back and forth to medical appointments and some of the tests were a bit freaky.  I did learn that they have discovered two strains of PA and both parents carried a different strain.  We stayed at Safra Family Lodge which was really nice after changing the first room.  The first floor was overrun with ants.  We saw 3 White Tipped Deer, a bunny, and a couple squirrels while there including a black one.

I got to meet people with PA and a Sister Disease; which was cool.   Then, we met up with an old friend on Saturday whom I haven’t seen in over 7 years and got to meet my Godson.  I held him in my arms when he was a baby but can’t do that, anymore.

We toured Washington DC and walked around the White House, Federal Building, etc.  Couldn’t get close to the Monument because of Protesters.

They may want me back again for more research and I told them, Great!  If they want to pay, no problem.

Crazy, Me and Rose (it’s a good nickname for her).

Remember with friends:

Make New Friends

But Keep The Old

One Is Silver

And The Other Is Gold

catching Up

What with, doctor’s appointments, organizing this house and..I”m sorry my mind drew a blank ..and spending time with a friend it’s been hard to have time to write

. Anyway I got an MRI on my wrist and will be checking with the doctor soon for the results of that. Crazy and I are going to a movie this week to see, I think it’s called ” Facing Darkness”which is a Samaritan’s Purse movie which I’m really looking forward to seeing. Apparently it’s about the Ebola virus I believe and about a doctor who gets it :it’s an American doctor who gets it and supposedly how they overcome it so that sounds good.

 I’m still having headaches which isn’t a surprise: oh and I’ve been organizing my house which is really cool.  All I need now is to get a washer dryer combo because my washer dryer combo decided that it was going to almost blow up and smell like smoke and leak at the same time,and it was just beautiful and now it’s complete – I will probably take Crazytoday is go find myself a new washer dryer.

Anyway, it’s a short post this time because I took A 4 hour nap earlier and now I’m getting tired again,so at least I made up the sleep

Bittersweet Ending

Spent all day Monday (after doctor) at Social Security Office and yesterday, at DMV changing everything back to my Maiden Name.  Today, I will continue with the bank, etc.

How do I feel?  Well, I held off as long as I could.  There is no point in going over how much I want him to get help. I want to cry since it is cleansing yet… I know God is with me and I did what I had to do.

Do I still love him?  Yes, at the moment but I don’t love his stupid choices or the fact he gave up our Marriage to play with drugs and illegal graffiti.  He was starting to take off with selling his artwork and I was proud of him!

What now?  I keep going forward.  I work on healing physicals and emotionally. I get closer to God.  I continue to pray for D and work on losing the obsession.  I am not looking for anyone. I get to know me, again.

Too Much, Too Little, Too Late

* The sickness was side effects from my meds.