A First

When I bought this condo, the lockbox wasn’t even on the door yet.  I had left my 3rd place I looked at, that fell through, and came to see this one.  There was someone already looking and another couple behind me when we came  out from viewing; so, I know it will sell soon….


They just took pictures yesterday and listed it, last night.  The pictures still need to be added to the listing site.

Imagine my excitement when my realtor told me this morning, I have a cash offer, sight unseen from an investor.

It’s the minimum I want, so I countered and we will see.

We may be out of here by next month!

I hope you enjoy joining me and Crazy on this exciting adventure.


Keeping Busy

So, I saw my new Primary Care yesterday, who really won’t be.  This guy barely knew a word of English and he didn’t even look at my foot.  To make it worse, I waited over an hour to see him. He did fill a few prescriptions but, that’s it. Will be trying a new one after calling insurance company.

I am in my 2nd week of my free class in teaching children English as an additional language and I love it!  This Internet class thing is going to work well for me.

Speaking of which, I started working on the Fafsa yesterday.  That.is going to take some time to fill out and the IRS said they are closed for linking to Fafsa until August.

I have been ransacking my house looking for my 2015 taxes.  In the meantime, I think I found the college I want to attend and it is in Henderson. NV.  I know that doesn’t matter since I am taking class online bit it is kind of good to be close, in case I ever had to go to the actual school.

I really hope I can do this, even if I am to old to teach, when I’m finished.  I don’t think there is an age limit for VIP Kids and I remember having retirees as substitutes in High School.

Addiction Experience & Thank You

WordPress People,

You are my therapy and since I know no one personally, you observe my side of things from another perspective.

Let’s talk about addiction.  Can an Addict really change?  Without professional help?  Do you believe someone can just decide to no longer smoke weed, meth, drink beer, whatever, and never go back to it? Without professional help?

I am better then I was and deserve to be treated right!  Do I really want to stay in love or get re- involved with an Addict?  That book should be over and I should never have reopened it.

If anyone can share their experiences, please do.  I am back to focusing on myself and my education for a bit.

Thank you for reading and following this blog.  And thank you for helping me in life’s big decisions.

Early Morning Thoughts

It’s 2:15 a.m and I can’t sleep.  My ankle hurts and my thoughts are racing.  

I saw the therapist who worked on my ankle today and now it hurts worse, plus, I have no strong meds to take for it. 

 My spending has been horrible and I cannot spend much more but, I need my car registration renewed with smog today! 

 I am annoyed at my sister for being contradictory.  I mentioned that D. and I were going to communicate as friends and she flipped out, negatively.  Then, when I mentioned that I am going to teach at church, go to school and maybe join a Meet Up group with Crazy, she goes, “I hope you aren’t putting to much on your plate.”. I know she cares, but it’s contradictory comments like that, that really mess me up.  

Crazy is here tonight and is probably going to stay on weekend’s.  She seems to sleep better when not alone.  I seriously wish I had money for a house with a guest house.  That would be the perfect situation for us both.

Moving Forward Later

So, it seems as if my mind has been running a mile a minute with new thoughts constantly.

I’ve decided to go to school for my BA.  I found a work from home teaching job that would be perfect for me.

I am also thinking about joining a Meet Up group with Crazy.  Neither of us can move on without meeting others as friends or dating, etc..  She has been very depressed and I have been swept back into confusion.

Of course, it will take a while for any of

this to happen as I missed a step on the stairway of the hotel last night and sprained my ankle pretty badly.

Metaphor at First

I am angry at myself for opening the door again.  I was finally at peace in my mind with my decision.  On the other hand, it is once more closed and I can’t beat myself up for thoughts and feelings that went off track.  I guess I am thankful action wasn’t taken, after all. I guess the hard part now is being able to lock the door and throw away the key.  I thought I had done this earlier, yet, I allowed his words to slip through so I know the lock is off or loose.

Pastor mentioned last night to get rid of your past and surround yourself with positive people.  We can say again and again thatt we are but;

  Lord, Please help me to move forward with you.

I Hate Good-Bye

I wasn’t going to talk about this, but I have to.  

D. and I said our goodbyes or rather emailed them.  He wrote such a sweet email, I am in tears.  He has accepted the fact that neither of us will change for the other.  I am not sure what I was supposed to change but he will never get real help for his addiction.  

I Hate this Shit and I hate Satan for tearing us apart!  I hate my emotions when the day started out so peaceful and I am turning into a puddle. again.

I love/loved the man who I married and considered him my soul mate.  I want to continue praying that he will go back to the man I married… BUT:

I can’t.  I just tried to call him and didn’t get through. It is God’s way of saying to seriously Let Go!   

God”s got it all under control and he alone lnows the future.  It may be “us” again or it may not; but I can no longer wish, dream, hope, pray,or dwell on the possibility.  I think by doing that, I am getting in the way of God’s plan..for both of us.

Tomorrow, I go to California.  I am excited to see my old cat; and friends I haven”t seen since I moved here.  When I get back, life will get back to my new reality and I will spend more time at my new church volunteering, etc.

I think i just went through a war but, I conquered it.  After this night is over, my peace of my decision will once again, return.