Thoughts Keeping Me Up

I think I slept 3 hours last night with everything on my mind.

I am negative in my Checking Account with no way to fix it, I don’t want to talk about Savings.

They are coming either Thursday or Saturday to take pictures and I need to get this place, presentable.  I feel horrible making Crazy do it all, but all I can do is roll around on my desk chair until I can walk.

I keep thinking of what I need to get rid of, and how to do so; as well as, what I will do to my new place.

More Stuff

Saw the Orthopedic yesterday and I am now in a cast.  It is Purple!  They don’t use plaster-of-paris anymore; now they use Fiberglass.  I was pretty excited that they have color choices, now.  The doctor said it is a straight break so he won’t need to reset it; but to stay off it until my next appointment and then I can try to walk.

I had the cat shelves put up and they look really cool.  Plus, the cats love them.  They haven’t tried the bridge yet, though.  Everything takes time.

My sleep schedule has been totally messed up, lately.  I think I might know why and need to make some dietary adjustments.

Lastly, Not meaning to brag but, I Can’t Believe My Blog Is 4 Years Old!  That is a super cool, WordPress Anniversary!

Short Education Post

I caught up on my class this week and sent my school transcript to a college.  I think I am a bit nervous but, I am really going to do this.

  A college in my state has a really good literature program and a teaching program which would be approached in my state.  Still working on the Fafsa .  I need to figure out how/where to get my 2015 Tax Retirn.

Keeping Busy

So, I saw my new Primary Care yesterday, who really won’t be.  This guy barely knew a word of English and he didn’t even look at my foot.  To make it worse, I waited over an hour to see him. He did fill a few prescriptions but, that’s it. Will be trying a new one after calling insurance company.

I am in my 2nd week of my free class in teaching children English as an additional language and I love it!  This Internet class thing is going to work well for me.

Speaking of which, I started working on the Fafsa yesterday. going to take some time to fill out and the IRS said they are closed for linking to Fafsa until August.

I have been ransacking my house looking for my 2015 taxes.  In the meantime, I think I found the college I want to attend and it is in Henderson. NV.  I know that doesn’t matter since I am taking class online bit it is kind of good to be close, in case I ever had to go to the actual school.

I really hope I can do this, even if I am to old to teach, when I’m finished.  I don’t think there is an age limit for VIP Kids and I remember having retirees as substitutes in High School.

Injury and Meds (Part 2)

My physical therapist offered to look at my foot.  He did not have a machine but did not think it to be broken, so he did a bit of therapy on it.

The next day, my whole foot was inflamed and it felt like heat was coming from the inside.  Nothing stopped the pain so OI went to Emergency.

It turns out after an x-ray, that I have two broken bones in my foot.  Thank God they gave me pain meds

.  Now, my foot is all wrapped up and I need to schedule. my Primary and an Orthopedic Surgeon.

Falling In Life

My a/c went out so I am staying at a hotel.  I had to purchase a new thermostat today.  Turns out, the person I bought my condo from did the bare minimum to sell it.

Anyway, while staying here, I turned $5 into $25. on a penny machine this morning, then lost all but 8 tonight.

I also missed a step while walking down the stairs to go to dinner and sprained, twisted or bruised my right foot. 

 It was a bit embarrassing but what’s worse is; why do I fall so much? I know it isn’t all my lack of attention (although this one may have been). I also know working out and Calcium help with healing so maybe that’s why I didn’t injure myself to badly, this time.

My Vacation Back Home

I am on vacation and I can’t sleep. Plus, I can’t say why.  Although, nobody knows me; I do not want to be judged for my life choices and until I seriously figure out what I want, I can’t share them.

I have been having a good time so far and tomorrow (today) I am going to Knott’s Berry Farm and seeing my cat tomorrow night.  I’m beginning to think I should have stayed longer since I won’t have time to see everyone I planned. But, that is out of the question, financially.

It’s a bit weird staying with a family but everyone is super nice and make me feel like I am part of it.